About us

YNA Co. Ltd. is a company which seeks to provide equipment and solutions in the field of steel, scrapping, recycling and other industrial area in the country from our partners all over the world by utilizing technicians, engineers and strong commercial team.

Why YNA services and solutions?

Our Commitments are caring client’s wishes and values, considering the efficiency and effectiveness of systems in terms of performance quality, reasonable price and considering clients ROI, sustainability and flexibility of the equipment and after-sales services and technical supports. Satisfaction of our customers is our main priority.

We always keep the three important values in all projects:

  • Moral: correct behavior while presenting in the enterprise or project, respecting and being polite towards customers.
  • Discipline: discipline in each complex, adapt to the time and place’s conditions of the employer, respect for the rules and regulations of the employer organization.
  • Economic: economic benefits of the clients in every stage of the project, as the supporter of customer assets.